Jeni Bate - Skyscapes for the Soul

Artist's Statement

The aim with my artwork is to create joy in a world of stress. My emphasis is on the sky and the beauty that it can create at the edges of the day. Most people will enjoy a beautiful sunset, and those that rise early enough, a beautiful dawn. Whatever else is going on, we can all stop and look at the sunset for a few seconds, and think, "Wow, that is beautiful"; it is innate in us to feel this way. However all skyscapes - dawn, day, night and the space beyond our atmosphere, also inspires me.
These moments can take you away from that day you had, or need to face and into a calmer feeling. My work captures such moments and feelings, and bring them onto the canvas to be enjoyed for years.
Many viewers express a feeling of peace on viewing my skies, which tells me that I have succeeded in capturing the antidote to the stress of 21st century life. The sky is an artwork available to every sighted person on the planet, and appreciation of my views transcend age and culture.