"Breathless" #1098. Original refractured watercolor. 32"x32" on wraparound panel, 1" deep. $1,500.
Yet another breathtaking moment before the sun comes up over the Salton Sea. The following poem is also painted into the painting
We oft forget the power in the air
until the moment that it is denied;
then we recall the instant we first cried
and know that our next gasp's without compare.
We often curse the wind that whips us clean
as blowing us and all our things away;
we fear trees that will fall instead of sway
and rarely stop to think this storm will mean
there is a reason behind the sky that raged
with passion, then left softness in its wake
with pastel colors reflected in the lake,
and recognize our lives are somehow changed.
At sunset or at dawn, then we can say
This was a day that took our breath away.