"Crimson Thread" #1080. Original refractured watercolor. 34"x36" on wraparound panel, 1" deep. $1,500.
A crimson thread runs through the sky before dawn. The following poem is also painted into the painting
"Crimson Thread".
The world is turning into dawn, and I
can see a crimson thread start to appear
announcing that the newest day is near -
it makes me greet the beauty with a sigh.
Soon the ribbon's red will turn to gold
and other wisps softly to scarlet turn -
water, under influence of light will burn
such colors that it awes us to behold
the transition from nighttime into day
and cause to wonder how we could deserve
this vision - just for living on a curve -
and leaves us without words that we can say,
only the thought that perhaps we should do right
to earn the reward that brings the end of night.
Here you can see the texture and poem up close in a short video: Crimson Thread